Operation Empowered Parents

A Proud Task Force Organization of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

No amount of law enforcement can solve a problem that goes back to the family.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams

“When I am speaking in the community, or talking to Sheriff’s Advisory Councils and other citizen-led groups, invariably there is a parent who talks to me (either in public or privately) about a “strong-willed” or incorrigible child that is either in trouble with the law already, or headed down that road, I highly recommend Operation Empowered Parents. I explain that within OEP is the Parent Help Center, founded by Glenn Ellison 18 years ago here in Jacksonville. The Parent Help Center is now attracting attention across the country for its outcomes and the result of bringing families back together. People are traveling here for a family-changing experience. The JSO is proud to have been an early supporter of this program. I wish nothing but continued success.”

See what Sheriff Mike Williams, Sherrif Bill Leeper and Senator Aaron Bean have to say about Operation Empowered Parent



10,000 Empowered Parents.


We are Enlisting our Faith Communities to host the Empowered Parent Conference and open their doors to welcome families with good kids who are sometimes making bad choices. Behaviors like: Disrespect, strong-willed, poor grades, and just lazy children.


The event will be live streamed to churches and synagogues in the Metro Jacksonville area, hosting over 10,000 parents and guardians.


This Once and for All event will address the root causes of Jacksonville’s hurting families and the rampant youth crime in our community.


This vision for bring peace into homes came to me in 2016, but the timing wasn’t right for our city.  It is now!

The city leaders are activity seeking, even asking for help. Now is the time for the faith community to step up and offer a faith based plan.

When I first purposed this idea we had the buy in of the last superintendent.  I have not gotten with the new school superintendent yet.  Two years ago we were teaching parent conferences and everyone came to us.  Today we can take it anywhere by live streaming the training. The model explained on the video is the conference model.  It’s still a great way to meet parents one on one.  Today’s training can now be delivered in small groups, the Sunday School hour, or Wednesday nights.  It’s totally up to the church. 


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