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Hello Pastor,

Mike Williams, the Sheriff of Jacksonville, Florida has allowed me to do something very positive in our city, but now we have an opportunity change our city like never before, and I’m excited. In fact….if you ever have the chance to visit you will be encouraged to see the change that is taking place in our community.

But it’s time to step it up and do more, it’s time to reach out and help families like never before.

Our city, and our schools are a mess. They are a mess because our homes are a mess. Our homes are filled with anger, disrespect, and there is no peace at all. Parents are struggling and the joy of parenthood has been replaced with trauma and unrest.

So many moms and dads are frustrated, and they are looking for solutions. These people desperately need help……And another “self help program” won’t cut it.

With your help pastor, we can solve these problems. How can I make that statement? Because I understand that programs don’t fix children, but a lifestyle change does. I have seen parents pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for every kind of program you can think of and almost every time it’s the same story… long term change. Pastor…., we can bring families back together, we can put peace back in the home, we can make parenting a joy again.

But I need your help. And this is a time for the faith based community to stand together up and meet this critical need.

I’m Glenn Ellison, the founder of Extreme Family Makeover. I’ve been working with parents for the past sixteen years. I have witnessed some of the most hopeless and difficult situations become whole again. I have seen families turn around and reunite in peace, with respect for one another.

Now here’s the where the solution begins……understanding that change in a child begins with a changed parent . I believe the problem with today’s children is in fact not the children, but rather the parents. Does this mean the parents are bad? Not necessarily, I believe there are good parents, who have good kids, that are making bad choices.

So by now you’re probably wondering “what or who is Extreme Family Makeover?” Quite simply….we’re an organization that teaches parenting skills.

Interestingly enough we’ve discovered that most of the parents we teach, at one time or another felt they really didn’t need help. And our program has been a real eye opener and quite frankly a lifesaver to literally thousands of parents.

So after 16 years of successfully training parents in the North Florida area we are preparing to do something that’s never been done before and we want your church to be a part of it, because the church has the only answer.

The Extreme Family Makeover Conference is the core of our success and you and your church can take part in this amazing program . And now…… because we have an agreement with the local school districts, they too will promote this program to parents who need and want this training. We will promote your place of worship as a location in which the Extreme Family Makeover Conference will be held. We will also be teaching the parents in your church as well.

This is an opportunity for your members to meet new families and introduce your caring and loving fellowship. It’s designed to be an outreach for your church. We will also provide you with all the contact information of the families that attend the Extreme Family Makeover weekend at your location.
Now the best part is, the conference ends on Sunday morning in your worship service. I’m asking every pastor to prepare a message on the vital importance of strong families.

The conference starts on Friday at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet the parents. You could provide a dinner for the guests, refreshments and of course an atmosphere of support. This isn’t necessary, but I is a great way to make everyone feel welcome.

The conference starts at 7pm till 9pm. Everyone goes home Friday night. It continues on the following Saturday from 9am till 3pm you could provide a continental breakfast, and a simple lunch. What a great outreach opportunity.

Sunday morning we start at 8am and end just in time to go to church. A special section would be reserved for your guests.

It would help greatly for your church to provide child care, even for the youth. Maybe a youth outreach could be planned, but I’m sure you’ll know what’ s best.


We all know as leaders we have two options.
1. Tell people what to do — or

2. Lead by example

As a United States Marine, I know proper leadership is the only way to get people to do anything. The key is to influence the people, not control them. Yes, the pastor and leaders need to set the example by attending the entire conference. There isn’t a better way to be a positive influence on a person than going through an experience like this, with them.

Now the exciting part, we intend on training at least 10,000 parents on this one weekend. And yes! we are going to bring 10,000 people to church on that Sunday morning.

If you want to be part of the Extreme Family Makeover campaign, it’s simple…..visit and sign up.

We will keep you informed as things progress toward our kick off rally November 12th 2016. This is going to be big, and the church needs to be up front leading the way.

Again, if you have interest please visit the website, the cost has been reduced drastically and includes all of the course materials.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.