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A Proud Task Force Organization of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

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Glenn Ellison
Director, Extreme Family Makeover / Founder and CEO, the Parent Help Center

“Federal, state and local governments have poured billions of dollars into correcting negative juvenile crime statistics.

How can anyone say what we’re doing is working?”

We can continue doing the same thing expecting different results, or we can change the approach and get to the root cause of the problem.

For 16 years I have been working on that root cause of negative juvenile issues (that’s a pleasant way to refer to this devastating behavior). What I discovered led to the solution. Not a solution, but the solution. It’s not working with he child – it’s working with the child’s parents. The parents are the cause of the child’s bad behavior.

Of course, parents don’t want the child they brought into this world to become a world-class menace to their family, to their school and progressing to their community and to law enforcement. They just don’t know what to do when they realize their child is on the menace-track. They don’t know what to do, and we know exactly what to do. We teach parents what to do, in a calm way, to defuse and redirect a child’s behavior, in every situation, every time it’s needed.

We have proven that when loving, but besieged, parents are given a path toward reversing the behavior of their child, they grab it. With determination, they stick with it. It’s not easy, it’s hard, until the behavior has changed – and it will change. And a new normal family life emerges.

Our success is measured by the testimonies we receive – long, well-written, heart-felt testimonies. Years of testimonies, put together, don’t challenge the length of “War and Peace” – yet. But each one is a chapter, many eye-moistening, in a family’s new life.

It’s not surprising that the Sheriff of the largest city in America (in area) enthusiastically endorses Extreme Family Makeover. He has a vested interest; he and their children will never meet.

Jacksonville’s Sheriff has been joined by the Duval, Clay and Nassau County School Districts. Teachers and counselors in those school districts can inform and recommend the services of OEP to their student’s parents.

The Parent Help Center is the operations part of OEP. That’s the organization I’ve spent the last 16 years of my life working to build and hone to the point where 10 or 10,000 parents can start on the journey to become Extreme Family Makeover – at the same time.

The Parent Help Center and our “Three Legged Stool,” to changing unwanted behavior. 

The First Leg

Extreme Family Makeover Conference

Extreme Family Makeover Conference

A weekend conference where parents learn how to handle every situation dealing with strong-willed children. Parents learn how to use a workbook that harbors almost magical knowledge.

The Second Leg

Weekend Success Camp

Weekend Success Camp

A weekend camp for children and their parents. No child will ever forget Weekend Success Camp.

The Third Leg

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups

Weekly meetings at locations and online.
Read this PDF to Learn More

The Parent Help Center and Extreme Family Makeover has endorsements from:

  • Jacksonville’s Sheriff, Nassau and Clay County Sheriffs

  • The School Districts of Duval, Nassau and Clay Counties

  • The State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit Court

  • The Public Defender, Fourth Judicial Circuit

  • The Florida State Senator, Fourth District

These people know, understand and recommend the programs of Extreme Family Makeover and the Parent Help Center. 

Because we are now equipped to handle any number of parents, we intend to demonstrate that in a dramatic way. We will soon announce 10,000 Extreme Family Makeover in One Weekend campaign.

We will enlist the faith community of Jacksonville to host weekend Extreme Family Makeover Conferences. Churches and synagogues will open their doors to welcome families with good kids who are making bad choices. Behaviors like: Disrespect, strong-willed, poor grades, and just lazy children.

Instead of Extreme Family Makeover Conferences at a single location with a hundred parents and guardians, we will be live streaming from a central location to churches and synagogues all over the Metro Jacksonville Area, hosting 10,000 people.

In various ways you will see and hear about this once and for all event to address the root cause of Jacksonville’s hurting families and the rampant youth crime in our community.

Everyone will hear the same instructions on how to use the magical workbook that has transformed families, who had lost hope, into families headed by Extreme Family Makeover who have the knowledge to redirect the behavior and attitude required for a happy, even joyful family.